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Make the Precision Decision and get the premium individual row control combination of DeltaForce and vDrive. You can have it all: precise control of down force and seeding, on each individual row of your planter.


Delta Force Results Shows

11 bushel Advantage!



vSet Select shows 14 bushel advantage by getting the right hybrid in the right spot!

360 Bullet

Fall Products!

360 Chainroll

Ripper Point with wings that lift and fracture the complete soil profile for improved root penetration.

360 Yield Saver

Chops and crimps stalks for better residue management and speeds up the break down process.  The unique sizing technique gives the planter row cleaners something to grab so we don't plant into trash.

Reduces header loss by closing the gaps in traditional deck plates and gathering chains.

We are a dealer for: Precision Planting, 360 Yield Center, Yetter, Drones (Inspire 1 and Phantom 3), Martin, Ag Leader (SMS), AquaSpy, DigiFarm RTK Base System, CamoPlast Tracks, Agxcel Liquid, Furrow Cruiser, and Central City Scale. We also stock Shoup parts.   Click on the Link below to See all the Products that Precision Ag 360 has to offer!
To Download the Lastest SeedSense Software for both SeedSense - Click on the link below.  On the new page you will see on the bottom left hand side of the computer screen the prompt "20/20 SeedSense Downloads" (may have to move your mouse over the scroll out arrow). Click and select on "+downloads".  Click on what 20/20 you are currently running and Save it to a jump drive.  Gen1 20/20 has a toggle switch to turn it on or off and a Gen2 has a push button to turn it on.  If you are a Fieldview Plus user you can always download the latest version by using your black Fieldview Cab app and click on "settings" and select "devices" and follow the instruction from there. Check out the support video for a "how to step by step" or you can contact us under support for any further assistants.

10 Basic Planter Tips To Get You Ready For Spring

Ydrop Demonstration - Micromange Your Nitrogen!


Plant With Precision, Do It Right the First Time!

No what you got and what you need with 360 Soilscan.  A portable soil testing system that provides you with real-time, zone-specific soil nitrate analyses.

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​​Precision Ag 360 is here to serve you year round!

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NEW Support Video TAB

For basic tips and instruction on how to operate your 20/20 in season check out the video on the Support Video Tab.

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