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Precision Ag 360 not only has been rebuilding planters like the rest of you Precision Planting Dealers but also has been building planters based on what make, model, size, and row units that the farmer wants.  One of our biggest struggles was finding the right planter bar.  Moore Built, Harvest International, and AME are a few out there that are available but we wanted something with tracks.  Precision Ag 360 is a full service Precision Planting business and is not looking to expand beyond our own territory but we are willing to offer our neighboring Precision Dealers a value added option with a steerable track, CCS planter bar built by Sorensen Welding. Currently Sorensen Welding has been building us planter bars with steerable tracks and any color we want.  The bar comes with no row units on them so we can add whatever style of row units desired.  This is good but trying to get suppliers for row units has been one of our struggles especially at a discount price.  Volume is the best way to get discounts so the goal would be to work together to hit the volumes so we all have more margins to work with for our growers.  


Precision Ag 360 recognizes that not everyone is ready to setup a whole planter or has the time to do so, so we are offering to fully setup up a Sorensen bar with whatever style row unit you want at the desired row spacing.  We can setup the bar and row units so that it is completely ready for you to add all the wiring and precision products to make it into what we call and trade marked as “IntelliPlanter” which is a Vdrive/Delta Force planter. You can see more Pictures on the home screen. 

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