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YieldSense Training Video

Software Update & Other Precision Planting Resources for Gen 1, Gen 2 & Gen 3 Users:

Training with Jason Portner

Heading 1

Gen 1 & Gen 2 Users - 10 Part Video Series:

Training with Jason Portner

Gen 3 Users - 9 Part Video Series:

Heading 1

Training with Jason Portner

20/20 Operational Video:

Clinic Video from Tremont, IL

More Videos:

Download and install 20/20 SeedSense Firmware off your PC

These are the steps how you download 20/20 software on the computer and bring it over with a jumpdrive.

vDrive/vSet Select clutch fine tuning

If clutches are starting and stopping incorrectly in vDrive or vSet Select try these steps.

RowFlow clutch fine tuning shutoffs.

If clutches are starting and stopping incorrectly in Rowflow try these steps.

Calibrating the 20/20 SeedSense touch screen

If you are having trouble clicking the right button try these steps to make sure your screen is working.

Clear and Rebuild maps in FieldView Cab

Acres not matching or are you missing a little portion of your field... try this step first.

Connecting your iPad to a 20/20 SeedSense

To make sure the Ipad and 20/20 Monitor are setup at the begining of each sesason!

Making sure both iPad and FieldVIew Cab are up to date

Every new season comes with updates. Make sure your Ipad is up to date.

Changing crops in the 20/20 SeedSense

Check this setting out before you start the season to make sure you are activly planting the correct crop.

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Check out more support videos at Precision Planting

Click on the image and check out more supports videos.  If you want to know more about 20/20 basic operations, to configure GPS outputs, YieldSense, or More.  Just scroll down to see all the options. 

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