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Precision Ag 360, inc (formally known as Luthi Precision Planting) is a family owned business that was started in 2008 by Aldean Luthi.   Aldean wasn't happy with his corn stand the prior year and was looking for a better product.  Aldean called Precision Planting to try out some of their products.  A sales manager picked up the phone and said, "how would you like to become a Precision Planting Dealer?"  Aldean consulted with Kent Luthi (son) and Adam Bjerketvedt (son-in-law) and it was decided to visit Precision Planting in Tremont, Illinois.  The phone started to ring even before they left the faculty and they came home with an uhaul of Precision products.   Since that day Precision Ag 360 has been installing parts and renovating planters for the west central Minnesota area. In the summer of 2014 the business expanded into a much larger shop and took on a couple more dealerships, namely 360 Yield Center and Calmer Corn Heads.  To complement the expansion to cover all the new precision products, Luthi Precision Planting decided to change their name to Precision Ag 360 (Precision Products for the whole crop season!). The crew listed below is the reason why Luthi Precision Planting/Precision Ag 360 is a huge success.

Adam Bjerketvedt




Adam never likes to be called a salesman because a salesman has to sell himself.  Precision products have real value and a true return-on-investment for the grower.  Adam believes that his job is to give the grower the best information that would help the farming operation to be the most efficient it can be while maximizing the greatest profit per acre. 


Aldean Luthi



Picture of Aldean

Aldean Luthi is the Founder of Precision Ag 360. One thing Aldean has always believed in is a job is not worth doing unless you do it right the first time.  Good enough is never your best.  Planting is one of Aldean's favorite things about farming.  "If you like what you are doing, you never have to work a day in your life" - Aldean Luthi. 
Kent Luthi

Vice President


Kent is the get it done man in the crew.  When things get backed up in the shop Kent will work like crazy to get caught back up.  Nothing is ever done half way either.  If a corner starts to get cut he would catch it and redo it right. 
Andy Socha



Scott Kjorness



Picture of Scott

Scott Kjorness (son-in-law) started working with Precision Ag 360 in January of 2013.  Business has been growing and Scott expertise as a small engine mechanic has proven vital for the business.  Little things that the rest of the crew may overlook Scott would be the one to find it. 
Andy was added to the team in 2019.  He is a SDSU graduate with Precision Ag and Agronomy majors.  Andy's knowledge and positive energy make him a great asset to the team.
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